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Corn is in season here in New York, which reminded me of this wonderful pasta dish we made last October after raiding the farmer's market. For once I really felt satisfied after eating a vegetarian meal! It's very flexible; we put in corn, onion, tomatoes, and poblano chiles, but pretty much any vegetable goes well with pasta and a classic white sauce.

Pasta con rajas (roasted poblano peppers in a white sauce) )

We devoured the whole thing and used most of a loaf of bread to wipe our plates, the bowl, and the saucepan. I can't usually have that much dairy, but a) if you're going to eschew meat, the protein has to come from somewhere and b) it was too delicious to pass up.

Credit for the chilis-and-cream idea goes to Mi Cocina, an upscale Mexican restaurant on Hudson and Jane that serves a wonderful dish called pechugas con rajas: grilled chicken with poblano strips and onion in a cream sauce, served with fabulous little crispy potatoes. This video taught me how to fire-roast poblanos over my gas range; I recommend leaving the peppers in the bag a little longer than she suggests, maybe ten minutes, so they get a really smoky flavor. Also note that smoother peppers are easier to roast and skin. [personal profile] sinboy had the brilliant idea of adding tarragon and grappa to the sauce.


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