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Community Supported Agriculture is a great idea! You give a local farmer money, and they give you part of their yield. You get fresh, seasonal, delicious vegetables. The farmer gets to farm. It is a win/win! Most, but not all, of CSA farms are organic (or organic-but-not-certified). They're all small farms. It's a way for small farms to survive.

I like doing the CSA thing, but it's hard to eat a share by oneself. Every year I promise I will, but every year I fail and poor wee tasty vegetables are wasted. I started this community so that people could support each other in the quest to eat their vegetables!

A little friendly competition on polishing off shares is good. Arguments on food politics, however, will be squashed by the mod, because this community is not for that. This is a community for recipes, strategies for managing the vegetable invasion, creative ways to reuse leftovers, the trials of randomness (my CSAs never provide enough beets!), and above all tasty food.

I haven't figured out a tag scheme yet. Most shares haven't started (in the USA) yet, so I have some time.... If you have suggestions, I'd be grateful. Also, more silly interests are always good.

This community is called Iron Chef CSA after the Iron Chef TV show. I don't watch much TV, so I've maybe seen three episodes. I point this out so that readers will understand that I really have no idea what I am talking about. But being forced to make something with an ingredient is in there somewhere. :)

About me: I'm a lousy community moderator, but I'm a pretty good cook. I like kitchen gadgets. I anthropomorphize my food. I am single and live alone and (because my partner-in-vegetables cancelled) ended up with an entire CSA share by myself.


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