Jun. 16th, 2010


Jun. 16th, 2010 10:06 pm
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In the last two weeks, my CSA has begun in earnest, but we're still unusually heavy on the lettuce, mostly due to a freak heat wave that messed with the sequential planting.

I've loved it. I adore salads.

This evening, though, I was faced with making a meal out of just the remains of my four heads of lettuce, celery and garlic skates etc, because I'm going out of town and trying to use up fresh ingredients, not buy more.

So, in the past week, I've had these three magnificent salads:

The bacon and egg, or Cobb salad. This is maybe my most traditional cold salad this week.

I mix in your standard bacon (usually still warm) and hard-boiled eggs (preprepared, so they're shellable) with chopped whatever else is on hand. This salad stands up to the spicier, more bitter greens well, and can also well support avocado. I make this as a chopped salad, and eat great heaps of it, it's so delicious. The egg and avocado add plenty of creamy texture to the salad, I think, so I keep the dressing simple with oil and vinegar.

The roasted root vegetables warm salad.

This week I also got in my CSA share: beets, kohlrabi, turnips and radishes. I'm not the hugest fan of bitter radishes raw, but I love them roasted. I love all these vegetables roasted, so as I was washing and drying everything else from my box, I roasted all these root veggies, and that evening served them over delicious greens with a simple olive oil and salt dressing.

The stir-fried salad.

Tonight, I made a completely different salad. I sauteed celery root and garlic skate in olive oil, added sesame and caraway seeds to toast, and then the celery leaves and the remains of the last head of lettuce in my spinner. I tossed it all together in the pan until just wilted, and squeezed the juice of one lemon over it. This delicious, bright mixture I served over a salty polenta, and it was excellent. I will likely make that again for my vegan cousins when they arrive, but likely I shall omit the chicken broth in the polenta (and the parmesean I mixed in there too.)

That was a brilliant use for lettuce getting a little tired (the mahogany lettuces seem to show their brown faster, it seems to me,) and a nice switch up for putting some grains on your salad, to the other way around.

How do you like your flavorful greens this year? Or, if you prefer: what makes a salad a salad?


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